Debating “Being Transgender”

This is a re-post of an original piece that I posted only a day ago. As it was pointed out to me that the word “transgenderism“ is usually used by the anti-transgender coalition’s, bigots and generally those that fight against transgender people and our rights. Even though my piece clearly states that this is not “anti-trans“, there was a lot of blow-back on me using the word “transgenderism“ and it did offend some people and I sincerely and humbly apologize. It was never my intent to make light of the transgender community in part or as a whole, as I am a transgender person myself. As a fledgling writer, I’m expected to make some mistakes and endure the learning curve, of saying the wrong thing even in a well-meaning piece. I am not saying this as an excuse, but it is inevitable. I do try to research things to make sure my facts are correct, but still, I make mistakes because I am human.

Again, I sincerely and humbly apologize to those of my friends on Facebook and Twitter. – Lynn

I really don’t understand how transphobic people can say “they want to debate being transgender.“ How can you debate something that certainly exists. Would you like to have a debate about the air, the sun or the moon and whether these things exists? It’s obviously they do, because we need them to survive. I would say to these transphobic people, just look around, there are transgender people all around you. Transgender people come from every region of the United States and from around the world, from every racial and ethnic background and from every religion. How can you possibly say that something doesn’t exist when it’s all around you. Now I’m seeing online that places of higher learning and colleges are talking about having panels were these transphobic people are complaining that they’re not having enough airtime. They complain that there being persecuted for speaking out. Thanks to their transphobic rhetoric, people have lost their families, medical care, jobs, freedoms and securities that all Americans seem to freely enjoy. I personally was turned down for a simple flu shot because I was transgender, but that is another rant for another time. Trans phobic people are saying that we need to be educated, being educated on something that they know nothing about. I don’t think it’s educational to sit and listen to those working against the inclusion of one of the most marginalized people. To me, this is all hatred under the guise of free speech and is absolutely the worst thing that people should allow. I could sit here and name off people, trans people that transitioned over 20 years ago that have now retired or getting ready to retire and have made great strides in their particular field of education. Are transphobic people now saying that these people suddenly don’t exist, of course they can’t. So why even have panels to debate people that are transgender? Debating people that are transgender has social and widespread consequences. Widespread hatred of transgender from trans-exclusionary radical feminist(TERFs) and transphobic people for being who they are has put policies in place that force trans women out of homeless shelters and deny homeless trans people simple medical care. These policies in place mean that companies can fire trans people with absolutely no cause when it can be proven that you were being let go because you transitioned or that you are transgender. Some of these policies also force trans women out of homeless shelters where some have to resort to sex work as a means of obtaining a roof over their head and food to eat. This also puts them in the crosshairs of being killed just for being transgender and trying to survive. Trans women of color seem to be the most susceptible to being killed for just trying to survive. 

So where does this leave us in this debate? For me, debating being transgender is a farce. It is not free speech, it’s hate speech. If it is allowed, it is speech with consequences that are beyond the scope of the debate. I feel that there is no debate on whether trans people exist or not, we are here and we are human beings, let us be ourselves and leave us alone to enjoy our God-given rights. We can no longer stay invisible, we have to show the world that we are numerous and a force. Despite the changing political climate, transgender people know that they need to speak out if they are to be heard. 

Feature photo by Justice Amoh on Unsplash