My last post to my old Facebook persona. I must start new.

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As this will be my last posting under this persona on Facebook, I want to say thank you to all my friends, family, and colleagues that have stayed with me for the years. I created this persona not too long after my wonderful wife of almost 17 years passed away. All of you have supported me through my trials and tribulations of moving forward after losing her, and I thank you all for that. During my transitional period, I lost two of my dearest friends, that in itself saddens me. I honestly feel that both of them would be happy for me, but I need to move on and close this small chapter of my life. Those of you that care to stay in touch with me can find me under my new persona here on Facebook, and can send me a friend request that I will happily except. Some of you will choose not to seek me out because I have transitioned or whatever the reason it may be. I understand that some of you have deep religious convictions, political or personal reasons, and that’s OK. I wish you a long life filled with happiness on your journey, but this is my journey, and I will follow it until it’s conclusion. I request that the ones that don’t agree with my decision to transition, please exit my life quietly. I love you all.